New and Replacement Windows

Interstate + Lakeland Lumber sells a variety of new and replacement windows, French doors and patio doors from Andersen, Marvin, JELD-WEN, Kolbe, and Belisle. To ensure you choose the right new or replacement windows for your home, it’s essential to see them on display and meet with one of our knowledgeable sales staff. Each of our retail locations has a freestanding display for most of the windows and doors. Our design center in Greenwich has all of the latest products from these major manufacturers on display.

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  • Andersen Windows and Doors
  • Marvin Windows and Doors
  • JELD WEN Windows and Doors
  • Belisle Windows and Doors

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Andersen Windows

Andersen has been manufacturing quality low maintenance new and replacement windows and doors for over a century. In that time, they have pioneered industry innovations that have made them the most recognized and respected brand in windows

Andersen 200 Series Windows
Andersen 200 Series

Andersen’s 200 Series provides quality windows at uncommon value. The new and replacement windows in the 200 Series include clad low-maintenance exteriors with wood or prefinished interiors. 200 Series windows are available with energy efficient Smart Sun glass and include double-hung, casement, awning, or gliding windows, and gliding or hinged patio doors

Andersen 400 Series Windows
Andersen 400 Series

Anderson’s most popular product line, the 400 Series combines quality engineered materials and fine craftsmanship. 400 Series windows are available in 5 standard exterior colors, and interior finishes that include pre-finished white, clear pine, maple and oak. Available in standard and custom sizes, 400 Series windows include double-hung, casement and retro-fit replacement windows. Simulated divided lights, clad exteriors, applied extension jambs and glazing options make the 400 line extremely versatile.

Andersen A-Series Architectural Windows
Andersen A-Series Architectural

Your homes architectural style says a lot about you. A-Series products from the Architectural collection allow it to speak with authenticity and clarity. These windows are available in 11 exterior colors, 3 interior wood species with 9 prefinished options, 12 hardware finishes, 3 glass options, patterned glass, art glass, 4 grill profiles, and the list keeps going. A-Series windows and doors have unmatched performance and unmatched peace of mind.

Andersen E-Series Architectural Windows
Andersen E-Series Architectural

Custom colors. Unlimited design options. Dynamic sizes and shapes. With E-Series windows and doors from the Architectural Collection, the home you’ve always imagined can be more than a dream. More than a vision. It can be reality. These aluminum clad only windows are available in 5o exterior colors, 7 anodized finishes, and you can do multi colors on the same unit. They are available with 9 different species of wood on the interior and can also be prefinished with 11 different options. Hardware is available in 10 different finishes. Now you windows can be as inspiring as their views.

Ready to buy Andersen Windows®?

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Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows are made-to-order, and built to last of high-quality wood, including pine, mahogany, cherry, white oak and vertical grain Douglas fir. They are available in a wood exterior or clad in one of 18 different colors of aluminum. There 5 different glass options, 8 hardware options, and numerous divided lite options. Casements, awnings, double hung, gliders, picture units, insert windows and patio doors are all available in standard and custom sizes. Marvin Windows and Doors are Built around you.

Integrity Windows

Integrity by Marvin Windows

For new and replacement windows that are Built to Perform choose Integrity by Marvin, which are made of durable Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass. If you want the beauty of wood and the durability of fiberglass, choose Wood-Ultrex, which is made of an engineered wood finish and a strong fiberglass body. For extra peace of mind when the wind blows, choose Ultrex IMPACT, impact resistant new and replacement windows that are wind zone rated and energy efficient.

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Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors

Jeld-Wen offers a variety of new and replacement windows, including natural wood, engineered wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows in a variety of standard shapes and sizes. Jeld-Wen windows are also available in custom sizes. JELD-WEN’s product line includes Custom, Siteline EX, Traditions Plus, Builders Wood, and Vinyl. To see the full variety of Jeld-Wen windows, visit an Interstate + Lakeland Lumber showroom near you, or the Interstate Design Center in Greenwich, CT.

Custom Wood

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood windows and doors are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. These quality windows feature upper and lower sashes that slide vertically past each other for ease of use, and a tilt functionality for convenient cleaning

Siteline EX

Beautifully crafted Siteline EX new and replacement windows and provide exceptional energy efficiency superior and protection against decay. Available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors and finishes, Jeld-Wen Siteline EX windows and doors are a worry-free option that beautifully blends in with your home and your lifestyle.

Tradition Plus

For a traditional appearance with the peace-of-mind of AuraLast® wood, Jeld-Wen Tradition Plus windows provides superior resistance against decay, termites and water saturation in a beautiful package.

AuraLast® Wood

AuraLast® Wood new and replacement windows and doors provides the ultimate in protection from decay, water saturation and termites. All AuraLast® products are backed by a 20-year warranty, for beauty and peace-of-mind.

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Belisle Windows and Doors

Belisle Doors and Windows is a manufacturer of high-end wood doors and windows. They started their operations in Eastern Québec more than 35 years ago.

Belisle Ancestral window
Belisle Ancestral window

Their flagship product is the Ancestral window - the one and only, the original - which gave them a reputation envied all over Canada and the USA. It shows the abilities and unique craftsmanship that comes from their region’s workforce. They work with the most important architects and builders, as well as government consultants for historic restorations. They all choose Belisle for the quality, extreme care and respect for the products and the architectural elements.

Belisle Ancestral window
Belisle Ancestral

Discover the pride of our craftsmen. The one and only. The true original in-swing French casement. You may find look-a-likes but only Belisle makes the original. When customers want this window they ask for a Belisle Ancestral. The pure essence of Old Europe, offered to you with all the modern features that you deserve. More options, more concepts, more flexibility than any other casement window. The unique cremone bolt system and lift off hinges for a one-step operation to take the sashes off the frame. No central post for maximum opening and air flow, the easiest window to clean!

Belisle Double Hung window
Belisle Double Hung Windows

You need single or double hung windows? With their invisible balance or our weight and chain double hung windows, it cannot get more versatile than this. They have kept the style and tradition of yesterday’s true double hung and added the modern features you deserve. They make one of the best and most energy efficient high end double-hung window on the market!

Belisle Windows
Solid Wood Construction
  • Western Red Cedar, White Oak, Douglas Fir, African and Honduran Mahogany
  • Solid wood only, no laminates, finger joints or veneer are used
  • Factory glazed with 3/4” double insulated glass units
  • Low-E, Argon filled, tempered, laminated and historical glass available
  • Solid wood frame
  • 10 degree sloped sill
  • Incredible strength, stability and durability
  • Option 7 9/16" X 2 1/4" sash
  • Mortise and tenon construction
  • Unique design
  • High performance and classic lines
  • 7/8" Simulated divided lite (SDL) and 1 ¼” True divided lite (TDL) options
  • With choice of colors for perimeter and internal spacer bar
  • Solid brass sash locks and lifts
  • Adjustable interior sash stops

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