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Insulation & Wallboard Supply

Building with quality insulation and wallboard will keep your home warm, dry and energy efficient from the attic down to the foundation. That’s why Interstate + Lakeland Lumber offers the best insulation and wallboard supply from Dow® and Owens Corning®. We stock Owens Corning® fiberglass Insulation in kraft faced, unfaced and fire code/sound attenuation batts, and Dow® Board rigid Styrofoam, for superior home insulation and soundproofing.


At Interstate + Lakeland Lumber, we offer a variety of wallboard including gypsum sheetrock and various tile backers. Our sheetrock is available in standard 4x8 and 4x12 to meet all your building needs. We partner with top industry manufacturers to ensure we can provide you with the exact gypsum board product that you need for your project. Whether you're finishing an entire house or remodeling your kitchen or dining room in the Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, Norwalk, Fairfield, or New Canaan, CT area, we've got the materials and drywall supplies to meet your needs.


Installing high-quality insulation is an important part of any home or business in the Scarsdale, Rye, Port Chester, and Shrub Oak, NY areas. The team at Interstate + Lakeland Lumber provides insulation that is thermal, sound, and fire rated. Our fiberglass insulation is very popular as it is very cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy to install. We also carry foam insulation and more, depending on your project. Each is offered in a variety of widths and in thicknesses. We offer a large in-stock selection. Contact our Design Centers today for more information.

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A properly insulated home saves on energy costs while making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. For information about choosing the right insulation and wallboard for your building needs, including the correct insulation thermal resistance value (R-value) for your project, come in or contact us.

  • Insulation

    Owens Corning® Fiberglass Insulation

    For superior insulation and soundproofing, we offer kraft-faced and unfaced insulation along with fire code/sound attenuation batts from R11 to R38.

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    Dow® Board

    Dow® Board Styrofoam brand rigid foam insulation is fast becoming a favorite insulation option for builders looking for superior energy efficiency and versatility. Dow® Board is available for exterior, interior, roofing and cavity wall applications, as well as other broad applications

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    Roxul Fire Stop

    ROXUL insulation creates a barrier that can slow down the spread of fire and provide you and your family with valuable extra time to escape. Roxul's unique material makeup ensures that it won't burn, or release toxic gases or smoke when exposed to extreme heat. Roxul Fire Stop withstands temperatures of up to 2150˚F (1177˚C) – well above heat levels of typical house fires.

Other Insulation Materials

We carry everything else you need to finish your insulation project, including HI-R Board, lightning rods, sill seal and proper vents

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Wallboard Supply

Because every room calls for a different kind of wallboard, we carry various forms of gypsum wallboard and tile backers. Bathrooms may require XP sheetrock, which is moisture and mildew resistant. Offices and home theaters may benefit from QuietRock® 525 sound proof drywall

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    At Interstate + Lakeland Lumber, we carry sheetrock to suit the unique needs of every room. This includes standard 4x8 and 4x12 sheetrock as well as XP Sheetrock (purple) for moisture and mildew resistance, and 5/8" Fire Code Sheetrock. For information about which gypsum wallboard you should use to achieve your building objective, stop by or contact us.

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    Tile Backers

    For bathrooms and kitchens, it’s important to include a layer of tile backer between the wood walls and your tile, as well as between bathtubs and subflooring. For superior moisture protection, we stock DensShield® tile backer, PermaBase® cement board tile backer, and Hardiebacker® fiber-cement tile backer board

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    Miscellaneous Wallboard Supply

    We stock everything you need to properly finish and install wallboards and tile backers, including joint cement and tape, taping tools and knives, and beads and beads including flexible corner beads, metal or plastic corner beads, metal or vinyl J beads, and L beads. Our wallboard tool supplies include joint and taping knives, utility knives and blades, saws, hawks, tels, mixing tools, sandpaper, screens and sponges. We also carry dust barriers, including ZipWall® dust barriers.

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