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Interstate + Lakeland Lumber offers a wide range of roofing materials so you can build a roof that’s both durable and distinctive. Our full line of roofing products includes cedar shingles, copper and aluminum flashing as well as skylights, for a roof that helps to make your home distinctive. If you don’t see something here that you need, just ask.

Cedar Shakes and Shingles

When it comes to natural, quality roofing, Interstate + Lakeland Lumber provides an array of beautiful cedar shakes and shingles to suit any homeowners’ needs. When installed and used properly cedar shingles and shakes are exceptionally weather resistant and also provide a distinct “look” for the discriminating homeowner. We have an assortment of options for you to choose from with red cedar cut in multiple ways to suit any preference and roof type. Our shingles are cut in 18” perfections, 5/8 tapersawns, and medium handsplits. We also have cedar breather rolls, flashing, and vents to keep your roof in tip top shape for a longer life. If you want to have a roof that lasts longer and looks exceptional, then call or stop by any one of our locations and ask a sales representative for more information specific to your needs.

Engineered Slate

Introducing a Ply Gem engineered slate product that replicates the beauty of natural slate in durable, easy-to-install shingles. A roof plays a big part in the visual appeal of your home. It makes up about a third of the exterior -- so the color, shape and texture should be compatible with your home’s style. Their engineered slate roofing offers the beauty and durability of quarried slate but it’s easier to install and costs substantially less. It can enhance the appeal and value of your home for decades to come. Slate has adorned some of the most prestigious homes and buildings in the world. The product offers a richness and depth that an ordinary shingle simply cannot match.

Ply Gem engineered slate shingles are made of nearly 100% recycled materials, they’re much lighter than natural slate so less fuel is used in shipping and handling.

Accessories and Finishing Products

Interstate + Lakeland Lumber also stocks all your accessories and finishing products allowing for a complete installation. We have roofing paper, tarps, underlayment, ridge vents, aluminum trim, fasteners and copper to set your roof apart from all the rest.

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Cedar Shakes and Shingles

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